Kompanija SDT GROUP uspešno se predstavila na tek završenom 86. Međunarodnom poljoprivrednom sajmu koji se od 11. do 17. maja održavao u Novom Sadu.

The great interest in FOGMAKER was shown by those who need this type of fire protection most- the owners of agricultural machinery, harvesters, tractors, balers and other machines.

The questions of curious visitors were varied in their desire to become more familiar with the functions of the Fogmaker system, because our farmers are paying more and more attention to the prevention and protection of their valuable vehicles.

Fogmaker i SDT GROUP na Poljoprivrednom Sajmu u Novom Sadu

Fogmaker systems are completely automatic and independent, and the fire is extinguished in the initial stage, and the damage to vehicles after activation is minimal.

- The new harvesters and other agricultural machines we use are not cheap at all. It is much wiser to invest a certain amount of money to protect your vehicles on time from the risks that lurk us in the field than to pay ten times the price for repairs and new machines afterwards. And even when your harvesters are insured, when they burn, as new ones arrive, no one can make up for lost time and work - said a farmer from Čelarevo who visited us at Novi Sad.

They are easy to install and maintain, and can be applied to almost all types of vehicles - agriculture, forestry, mining, transport, airports, ships, railways…



During the fair days, a delegation from the Nis Airport led by Dejan Jakovljevic, commander of the rescue and fire brigade of the JP Nis Airport, visited our stand.

Fogmaker systems are already being installed around the world in airport vehicles, which are one of the potential causes of fires on the airport runway due to direct contact with aircraft. In recent years, there have been examples of fires on this type of vehicle causing serious, and often irreparable, damage to the aircraft, as the management of the Airport in Niš is aware of. This is why delegation members have shown an interest in Fogmaker systems, as a modern and reliable solution to eliminate the risk of unwanted fire.


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